A Smart Forest City in Mexico. The project of an architects’ studio in Milan

A Smart Forest City in Mexico. The project of an architects’ studio in Milan

by Carla Andrea Fundarotto

A forest city will also arise in Cancun, Mexico.

The project is by the Stefano Boeri Architetti studio in Milan. It will be built in an area south of the Mexican city of Cancun previously intended to house a shopping center.

It will be an area of ​​557 hectares, with 7.5 million plants belonging to over 400 different species, of which 260 thousand trees (about 2.3 trees per inhabitant) and will host 130 thousand inhabitants. Green roofs and facades will be chosen and designed by the landscape architect Laura Gatti.

A way through which, after the success of the vertical forest in Milan, elected the best building in the world in 2015 by the Council on tall buildings and urban habitat, the Liuzhou Forest City project in China which will be built this year, Mexico will also have its own Smart Forest City.

How will it be structured?

It will be conceived as a campus, where university departments, organizations and companies that are dealing with the major issues of environmental sustainability and the future of the planet will be located. Inside there are some research and development centers to host students and researchers. Furthermore, a complex transport system will allow both residents and visitors to leave any combustion vehicle on the edge of the city, in favor of exclusively electric and semi-automatic mobility.

The city will be powered in a sustainable way by means of a perimeter ring of photovoltaic panels and a water channel connected with an underground system to the sea.

The benefits of the Smart Forest City Cancun

The vertical city will be used for:

  • avoid unbridled overbuilding, thus blocking the enlargement of cities and confining them instead with woods
  • safeguarding woods and biodiversity within cities to reduce pollution and fine dust
  • integrate nature more and more into architecture as its component essential.
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