We are a global web community made of sustainable people and brands

We are people and companies from all over the world who put the circular economy model into practice in all sectors... we are designers, academics, artists, environmental engineers, activists, organic producers, agronomists, architects, entrepreneurs, marketers.


Our mission to save the planet

Friends for the Earth was created in 2020 from the vision and determination of the Italian artist Max Serradifalco. We want to promote and connect the protagonists of the Green Economy, in order to speed up the ecological process needed for the good of Earth, as well as for the protection of ecosystems and the very future of our species. Our mission is to help the organizations and the people to meet the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

We represent the last hope of Earth, it is our duty to protect it from our own impact, before it is really too late. Nobody feels left out, we can all be true Friends for the Earth in what we do.


Our goals

  • To reward the protagonists of the environmental sustainability by opening their profiles and giving them a space of self-promotion for free.
  • To spread green culture around the world through positive news and the work of members of the community.
  • To give to community members the opportunity to get to know each other and open new exchanges and collaborations that can benefit our planet by adopting a circular economy model.
  • To help the members of the community sell their products through an innovative business model (coming soon).


What you can do here at Friends for the Earth

If you are a brand or a professional committed to green economy:

If you are a person:

  • You can discover new brands and projects operating around the world.
  • You can support community members by purchasing their products directly from the shops (coming soon).
  • You can read our news to see what’s going on in the green economy sector.