Argentina becomes the first country in the world to ban caged salmon farming

Argentina becomes the first country in the world to ban caged salmon farming

by Carla Andrea Fundarotto

An aggressive fish, dangerous for the environment and also farmed in an inhumane way

this is why a bill was unanimously approved in Argentina that prohibits the farming of salmon in open net enclosures, effectively making Tierra del Fuego the first country in the world to abolish it.
The Beagle Channel, on the border with Chile, has seen for years this type of intensive farming, highly harmful to the economy and the environment, in which salmon was fattened in “floating cages”, usually located in bays and fjords along the coasts.

What has the current government established?

The current government has decided to ban the intensive farming of salmon in the waters of Tierra del Fuego, using only the cultivation and storage of trout to promote sport fishing, one of the main tourist and non-industrial attractions of the place. Farmed salmon were fed fish oil and smaller fish, feathers, transgenic yeast, soy and chicken fat.
The consequences of this type of production certainly include the high mortality rate of the animal and the increase in blooms.

What do the Argentines expect now?

Argentines now expect this law to pass in Chile, the world’s second largest producer of salmon, after around 5,000 tons of salmon have died from the emergence of harmful algae blooms since the beginning of April this year. phenomenon that causes the reduction of oxygen in the water and therefore the suffocation of the fish.

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