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Floriana Franchina is a Sicilian composer, originally from Sant’Agata di Militello, in the province of Messina. In his compositions there is a strong bond with nature and the environment. Both, in fact, are seen by the composer as elements to…

Lady Be talks about her art not only as creative form, but as awareness to the problem of recycle. It’s a warning to the actual and future world, a world where more and more resources miss, and to survive it has to become more sustainable.

In every project we’re always careful about sustainability and impact on the environment, choosing respectful material sources and processes.

Her profoundly lyric investigation takes shape through a skillful use of digital and technological tools. Her language always hovers between poetic and ironic, delivering essential ethical messages, with a particular focus on environmental issues.

His aesthetic approach, which refers to Pop, starts with the intent to entertain or make people smile, to explore and examine in depth the problems and events that currently afflict our world that are ecological or social