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BIDONEdesign is a Venetian company that produces furnishing sets starting from the recovery of metal packaging. The mission is clear: recover, regenerate, give new life.

Its a never seen before, outstanding peace of award winning design. Created for our own kids it has the highest standards and best features we could come up with. The bike is safe, got a clean look and the health protecting design offers endless fun…

Sustainable design brand

Mon Terra is an ecologically-committed brand addressing the issue of plastic waste. At Mon Terra, we design our own products from locally-recycled plastic waste produced by the gardening field. We collect the plastic, then clean, shred, and…

Laboratorio Linfa is an artisan company that designs and produces design furniture, fittings, installations and art objects, using used wood and therefore not cutting down even a tree.

Natural wood design objects

I’m Matteo, a craftsman from Trentino, and in my IRIS WOODWORK laboratory I love to design and create design objects in natural wood.

Sustainable refined design goods and environmentally friendly community

VAIA is a company founded as a reaction to Vaia Storm, a violent extra-mediterranean cyclone that hit northern Italy in late 2018 and was able to destroy more than 41 thousands hectares of woods. A storm that would be described as just another…

Furniture Maker 100% plastic-free and natural

We are furniture makers and we are family. We strive for a healthy home. A safe place for our children. Through our natural production process, we contribute to saving our planet, so that it may be worth living on.

In every project we’re always careful about sustainability and impact on the environment, choosing respectful material sources and processes.

Promoter and environmental researcher

Before we can re-establish the natural cycle in our land we must first develop a “natural cycle” in our highly polluted urban environment. This is why we spread creative recycling ideas, so that the collective idea of ​​”no waste&…