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Social cooperative wood processing

Palm WP is a non-profit social cooperative committed to the ethical development of work as a human and professional value, in order to integrate socially disadvantaged categories.

All those who want to support us by purchasing our proposals to “adopt a hive” will receive, together with our products offered in each package, a CERTIFICATE which has a value of one year which will certify their collaboration with our…

The Plantadores de Água (Water Planters) is a group that aims to plant native Cerrado seedlings and other Brazilian species that adapt to the Biome, in the urban environment. Its main focus is the recovery and conservation of recharge areas and…

The arborist is the keeper of the trees: a professional specialized in their management and care. He has a deep knowledge of the physiology and biology of the different tree species and of the “tree system”.

The “BUONO” Association was born from the idea of ​​a group of friends with a common scientific background and love for nature. With the aim of protecting the biodiversity of the territory and spreading the scientific culture, the activities of…

GEV Journalist and Environmental Educator

The GEVs systematically, professionally and voluntarily carry out continuous training courses on Laws, digital law, regulations as well as inter-agency controls, in particular with the Local Police, in the areas of their competence, education for…

I work for the defense of the environment, animals, awareness and prevention activities.