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Farm, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Producers

Our farm has always been attentive to respect for nature and sustainability. The Giallombardo extra virgin olive oil is a high quality oil produced in Sicily in the Costa di Bisaccia district in Partinico (Palermo), an area particularly suited for…

Our organic extra virgin is a small, large, masterpiece. The result of a unique production because in our 50 hectares of certified organic (Suolo & Salute) olive groves, in Sicily on the Nebrodi mountains

Our company has been organic for almost 20 years, we recycle all processing waste to produce natural fertilizers and fuel with which we heat our Agriturismo Case di Latomie. We are also equipped with 200 Kw of photovoltaic panels. Since 2015 my oils…

We cultivate our land in a biological way and respecting the environment. We produce citrus fruits, avocados, extra virgin olive oil. We do it in the south of beautiful Sicily. We serve customers and markets that respect the environment and have our…

We take care of our beloved estate respecting the nature and the beauty of this piece of paradise at the foot of the Mount Etna. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil derives from the native variety “Nocellara dell’Etna” initially known as…

We have made the passion for high quality our job. We are so passionate that we never stop looking for excellence. A commitment that we carry out every day and that is an integral part of our company philosophy: always striving for improvement and…

Olio Glorioso is passion and a lot of effort to bring good oil to your tables. Olio Glorioso is sharing a dream, to make our beautiful Sicily shine!

The Collotta farm produces a precious organic extra virgin olive oil and other typical Sicilian excellences, including aromatic herbs, honey, almonds, walnuts, jams and jams all from organic farming.

Producer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Being in love with our land, we treat it with love and respect. One of the products we are proud of is Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: obtained from organic olive groves, rich in nutrients and without the presence of pesticides and other chemicals.

The Mantenera farm was founded in 2014, guided by the desire to give a human dimension to our life. We therefore settled away from our native region, to give a second chance to an old olive grove.