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We are a small family business, recently born, with innovative and traditional ideas that look to the future, trying in any way to respect our planet. We grow wheat (transforming it into flour, pasta and biscuits), legumes, saffron and exotic fruits

Fresh, good and organic fruit and vegetables. A line of products designed to guarantee a tasty and balanced meal. Two special ingredients: healthy fruit and vegetables at km0 and respect for nature. This is the added value of a young company but…

For three generations our company has been feeding citrus fruits, olive trees, almond groves and vineyards with sun and Sicilian water.

Organic agricultural products, with a short supply chain

SiestaBio, a group of young farmers – startuppers, was born with the aim of enhancing the organic short chain and creating a network of producers (exclusively organic) who share the same values, in harmony with nature.

Cascina Bosco Fornasara is a family organic farm based in Nicorvo, in Lomellina, a land devoted for centuries to the cultivation of rice. Roberto Marinone, together with his wife Ilena, decided to convert the entire company to organic farming in…

From a small piece of land that my grandfather bought many years ago, a piece of land left to itself after his disappearance, my little project began.

Wholesale Organic and Natural Foods

We have officially operated in the distribution of Organic and Biodegradable Chicza chewing-gum in Italy since 2010 and in Portugal from 2017. We strongly believe in the revolutionary project of “Rainforest Chicza”.

The Proxima Social Gardens, are born within the programs of the Proxima Social Cooperative which since 2003 has been operating on part of the Sicilian territory in contrast to the phenomenon of trafficking and serious exploitation, with the aim of…

We are Silvia and Alberto and we are starting our agricultural business in Umbria, in Gubbio. Colle Surya is the name of our project that will develop in about 20h of unspoiled nature and will focus on the design of a permaculture farm, a farm that…

Producer of Organic Mountain Parmigiano Reggiano and only Bianca Modenese

The “Santa Rita Bio Social Dairy 1964” was founded in 1964 for the transformation of the milk of the members in PARMIGIANO REGGIANO. It is located in the Modenese Apennines, in a pollution-free mountain area, with pure air and water. It…