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We enjoy an ancient tradition in the cultivation of wheat and dried legumes, including chickpeas and lentils. In recent years we have also resumed the cultivation of ancient local wheat varieties such as Tumminia, Perciasacchi and Maiorca.

Organic farm with olive trees, vines, vegetables and herbs, which carries out social farming activities with young people and adults with family and mental problems.

We farm using organic methods, respecting the seasonal cycles and challenging the stony soil of our countryside, which makes irrigation difficult but at the same time gives mineral properties to our crops, making them particularly tasty. The…

Organic rice and legumes growers, cultural farm, cultural agritourism

We cultivate rice and legumes (mainly) in strict biological regime. We have invested a lot to minimize the environmental impact of our work, which is more passion for the land and for cultivation than a business.

Our family for 5 generations has been taking care of this farm. The agricultural identity of the area and the gaze always turned to the future has guided us in the choices made over the years, evolving into a multifunctional farm, capable of…

Our farm is an ECOCERT Certified Organic Farm located in a small village of Maharashtra, India. We practice regenerative natural farming with the help of our native Indian cows. We prefer to maintain an ecosystem & environment for the wider…

It was given to me and I respect it by cultivating cereals and legumes according to nature and seasonality. Ancient grains are our passion.

The Collotta farm produces a precious organic extra virgin olive oil and other typical Sicilian excellences, including aromatic herbs, honey, almonds, walnuts, jams and jams all from organic farming.

Producer of fermented and organic dairy products

We are manufacturers of organic fermented milk products and cheeses. Our peculiarity lies in a complete production cycle

Founded in 2011 with the intent to produce and market mushrooms, olives and seasonal vegetables, the farm “Il Sole del Sud Conserve di Sicilia” is located in a small and unspoiled center in the province of Enna where, with commitment and…