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Accessories brand

Anna Cloud – Personalized sustainable leather accessories made-on-demand. Anna Cloud brings modern Italy to the world.

Recycled Coffee Ground Made Shoes

XpreSole, the latest green technology developed by Ccilu Footwear, is embodying the brand’s vision for sustainability and the protection of Mother Earth through the development of an entire recycling ecosystem. The result of a three-year endeavor by…

Breathing new life into unwanted material, the Regenesi portfolio boasts of elegant transformation from rejection to desire. We transform the remnants of a consumeristic society into fashion accessories and home and office design object of…

Designer Vegan Shoes

Established in 2001, Beyond Skin was founded with the clear objective of offering luxury vegan footwear that encompassed individuality, authenticity and sustainability. We wanted to create a brand for the discerning, for those who care about where…

Wood Belt is combining wooden clasp with other sustainable materials. Production process is based on Impact Fashion principles.

Sustainable Lifestyle Company

We don’t measure success by profits, rather by personal impact. We only work with the highest quality fabrics from reputable vendors that pay equitable wages to their workers. We believe that anyone that works for MNTN deserves to live happy…

Made in Italy socks brand

Arturo is a socks brand for women, men and Kids. It’s been founded in november 2018 by two italian female fashion designers. When we decided to found Arturo, we set ourselves two fundamental objectives: to respect our planet by using only…