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I’m Jennyfer an eco-stylist and founder of the in.jey.dress brand. With in.Jey.Dress I want to let women into my world, actually, literally, into my shoes.

Producers of Vérabuccia from waste vegetable peels

VÉRABUCCIA ® is an Italian company founded by Francesca Nori and Fabrizio Moiani which includes an innovative production process to create a new material from the recovery of the vegetable peel.

Kenyan made running shoes

We are Enda. We make high quality performance running shoes in Kenya. Of course the world’s most socially and environmentally conscious running shoes. In 2020 we became the first climate neutral certified road running shoe brand in Africa, and…

Meraky works by reusing materials that have exhausted their primary function and are not usually used in the production of accessories. The values ​​and philosophy of the brand are an integral part of every project.

Blue of a Kind is a high-end Italian fashion studio with focus on SUSTAINABILITY. We work with “everything existing”: we make clothes exclusively from existing garments and leftover textile.Nothing has been made specifically for our products.

Ecological Sneakers producer

We are on a mission to improve the conditions of the planet and people through a green vision and technological innovation in the fashion and sportswear industries. The Sneakers produced by ACBC are ecological, created with the best eco-friendly…

Sustainable sneakers

All sneakers WAO have certified GO-Zero sole in degradable natural rubber, laces, labels and lining in organic cotton, insole in coconut fiber and natural silicone.

Manufacturer of clothes and accessories from fabric scraps

I make women’s clothing and accessories with recycled fabrics. I try to live a life that is as zero waste as possible

Manufacturers of bags and accessories

Exseat produces bags and accessories capable of giving a second life to fabrics from old disused car upholstery and seat belts. The original combination of different materials and ribbons gives uniqueness to each piece and the craftsmanship allows…

Sustainable brand

Designed with purpose. We design practical and durable fashion for those people, who like us, truly respect life: the planet, people and animals.