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Innovative Startup for Social Good

Atelier Riforma is an innovative startup for social good, who aims to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry through circular economy and creativity.

Manufacturer of sustainable fabrics

Orange Fiber is the Italian company, founded in 2014 by Adriana Santanocito and Enrica Arena, which has patented and produces sustainable fabrics for fashion from citrus by-products.

Upcycled Lifestyle Goods

The Bountiful Bag is a California-based family-owned business that rescues plastic waste from the craft beer and entertainment industries and turn them into durable and fashionable lifestyle goods and bags.

Production of Sustainable and Natural Wool Products

We manufacture Wool products starting from Italian domestic wool. This wool is considered as a “waste” as usually has no value due to its quality. So we collect this wool, we select and process it in Italy, to get an 100% true made in…

Sustainable Fashion. Turning trash into class

Totally Ethical takes organic cotton and post consumer plastic and turns them into fashionable clothing that will last forever. All of are clothing is 100% recycled. We use a blend of 60% organic cotton from fabric waste and 40% polyester which is…

We produce Eco-Sustainable products, hand-made, with hand draw patterns. The costumer can choose what they want us to draw in each product.

We are REusing materials from used items creating with a sustainable conceptour original RE-BORN Shoes, cruelty free.

Brand of high quality jeans produced in Italy Denim, whose name derives from the founders, the Parimbelli Cousins, is the brand of the Fashion company, which was born with the spirit of offering products that derive from a sustainable supply chain, in particular denim in organic…

Caja Vegan produces footwear thinking that they are not personal objects of daily use, but communication and sensitivity to ecology and above all that they do not cause unnecessary suffering to animals. We support local artisans by working and…

Ethical artisan sustainable fashion brand

I am Flavia, I am a pattern maker and clothing designer and I created my ethical organic tailoring in 2016. I did it for myself, but above all for all the people who were looking for garments able to combine quality, both of yarns that of the…