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The surrounding area, for our company, has always represented an element of value and a wealth to be safeguarded, through the responsible use of all the resources and the protection of the ecosystems of which the rice fields represent a great…

Our company is in Sardinia in the geographical sub-region called Marmilla (whose name derives from the vast rounded hills in the area, resembling breasts) in the municipality of Tuili.

Poggio ai Santi is an agricultural company that wants to be a model of sustainable development. Organic since 1995, the farm produces, in addition to olive oil, vegetables for its restaurant. Its greenhouses allow to complete the production and to…

OIKOS apicoltura has chosen the path of organic beekeeping, making its own a production model that respects bees and the environment, guaranteeing wellness lovers genuine and quality products.

The “Terre Alte Picene” is a consolidated company working on sustainable agriculture and agri-food production with low environmental impact. The good practice of agriculture, combined with attentive land-use management and the adoption of symbiotic…

Agriturismo Salos was born as a friend of nature, the whole structure blends harmoniously with the surrounding environment. We use solar panels for hot water, ecological products for cleaning environments, low consumption light bulbs, reducers for…

Biological Farm for the production of Natural Coloured Eggs

Having the ideal place available, and a sincere and growing passion, Federica Bin founded the farm “The Garda Egg Co.” and has embarked on the path of respect and love that distinguishes virtuous farms for the breeding of its hens.

We enjoy an ancient tradition in the cultivation of wheat and dried legumes, including chickpeas and lentils. In recent years we have also resumed the cultivation of ancient local wheat varieties such as Tumminia, Perciasacchi and Maiorca.