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Fresh, good and organic fruit and vegetables. A line of products designed to guarantee a tasty and balanced meal. Two special ingredients: healthy fruit and vegetables at km0 and respect for nature. This is the added value of a young company but…

Daughter of Etna, Scorzamara now dedicates 35 hectares of land to the cultivation of citrus fruits, especially the Sicilian blood orange. This is because we support the environmental peculiarities of our territory and enhance a typical product of…

We cultivate our land in a biological way and respecting the environment. We produce citrus fruits, avocados, extra virgin olive oil. We do it in the south of beautiful Sicily. We serve customers and markets that respect the environment and have our…

We are a young enterprise based in Sicily, we produce organic products and we try to respect our Earth and its fruits. With the guarantee of freshness and quality, we aim to ship our products to all Europe.

Green Valley Farm is dedicated to the production and selling of Biological Citrus and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Made in Sicily.

Blueberry producers, the company develops reaching 2002 where the transition to organic takes place. Since 2008, part of the production has been transformed into products recognized as excellent in the area such as nectar (WITH ORGANIC cane sugar or…

I grow pomegranates, pink grapefruits and organic citrus fruits in the land of my fathers. Producing with zero impact has been the main reason for our adventure from the beginning.

Attention and attitude towards nature and the rural world, as well as awareness of the health benefits deriving from proper nutrition and specific plant substances, have given rise to and supported the project of the Giovomel farm to date

Supported by Coldiretti and Campagna Amica, ClemenTime is an innovative and unique project of its kind. Produced in Calabria, it is the first Clementina snack