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My name is Sara but for everyone I am ‘Petra’. Through my illustrations I speak of nature, sustainability and the climate crisis in an ironic key.I dream of publishing illustrated books that tell about the environment and love for this…

I’m Bea, but on instagram my name is the Imbruttita Ecologist! I opened a profile to solve a problem that I myself perceived: that of communicating the most sustainable practices in a simple, fast and practical way.

Environmental Guide, Educator / Speech Therapist, Content Creator

Trying to promote a zero waste and Earth respectful lifestyle through my channels Vegan, Nature and Animal lover.

Writer and videomarker, content creator in green topics

I am a writer and a documentary director. I published 10 books on environmental topics. Since 2006 I try to do on my own everything I need in my everyday life (autoproduzione or diy), in order to reduce my environmental impact on earth.

Through my testimony, I publish content on a daily basis to raise awareness of a sustainable lifestyle made up of small daily gestures that have a great environmental impact.

My blog “biopensiero” was born in 2017 with the aim of promoting a more sustainable lifestyle in harmony with the environment, respecting every living being.

Our vision of sustainability is based on the promotion of a healthy lifestyle by offering experiences related to the world of well-being and personal growth.

We are a family of travelers: Deb and Fabrìs, passionate about photography and writing, parents of Edoardo, Greta, Jacopo and Margot, an adopted dog. A super curious family about the world.

Journalist, web content editor, author

Journalist, web content editor, author, environmental educator, slow living expert and green living consultant. I deal with the environment, health, food, slow living and sustainable lifestyles.