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Vegan, climate-neutral Supplements

Our body is our home and we need feel good in it. Therefore, our mission is to develop high quality food supplement that support an everyday healthy lifestyle. Mother Nature herself provides us with basic products and elements for this purpose.…

Living healthily with every breath: Our vision is a world in which people in cities can live healthily. We want to create living conditions that allow all people around the world to permanently have cleaner air to breathe.

Natural, without herbicides, without pesticides, without pesticides, organic, grown under the Direct Sun, NOT IN GREENHOUSES, on the beautiful island of Sicily, away from sources of pollution in a fertile soil of the Catania plain

Food Supplements and Functional Foods

We produce functional foods and foods supplements with our dolomitics plants. Our production is completely performed in our labs. This is the real 0 chain.

Agricultural businesswoman

We are a small family-run company, we grow over 400 organic medicinal plants: aromatic, medicinal, wild herbs and ancient varieties for the vegetable garden.

Fundamental to our business model is the three P’s – People, Planet & Profit. We can this the ‘Triple Bottom line’ and consider it the ethical measure of businesses.