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Sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning products

WeTKare sustainable and eco-friendly home cleaning products. Our Multi-Surface and Floor-Cleaner are made of enzymes in a concentrate formula. We do not transport water, we send you the product and you put the water need it with the right dose. We…

We believe things have a soul and objects can change their use in years, this is the reason why we started this project of circular economy. We transform, all kind of glass bottles and we give them a second life.

Recycle and enhancement of glass bottles or perfume bottles destined to be transformed into lampsthrough the installation of the lighting system and with filling of waste material (grit, cork, polystyrene) in such a way as to enhance the material…

Brand of sustainable products

With SERENDIPITY products you will find the alternatives you were looking for: bamboo, stainless steel, cotton and many other materials will accompany you in your new PLASTIC FREE life! It is important to get back in touch with our nature,…

Recycled outdoor and indoor carpets

We are an online shop for recycled carpets. More than five trillion pieces of plastic are floating in our ocean. Our mission is to create new product opportunities by recycling plastic.

Breathing new life into unwanted material, the Regenesi portfolio boasts of elegant transformation from rejection to desire. We transform the remnants of a consumeristic society into fashion accessories and home and office design object of…

Online Community and eco-friendly products

Make You Greener is an online community, founded by two Italian girls. In less than a year, it involves more than 10k people on Instagram. On Make You Greener channels, people can find curious news about Earth’s corners, animals, and new…

Eco-Friendly Products

We’re on a mission to make every day that bit more eco-friendly for everyone. Since the start of 2019, we’ve been exploring the wonders of bamboo and we’ve fallen in love. It’s strong, it’s sustainable and we think it’s a smart way to reduce the…

Living healthily with every breath: Our vision is a world in which people in cities can live healthily. We want to create living conditions that allow all people around the world to permanently have cleaner air to breathe.

Sustainable Healthy Interiors

The passion of Willow & Saints is driven by the love of spreading awareness, quality, eco friendly and non toxic products for finishing your home interiors. Founded by award winning interior designer, Vera Sant Fournier.