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Coffeefrom is an innovative material composed of biopolymers and recycled coffee grounds, 100% made in Italy. Spin off of Il Giardinone Cooperativa Sociale, the project begins to give life to a new vision of industrial coffee waste.

Lithographic printing, producer of fashion, living and food articles in cellulose fiber

Essent’ial is the brand of accessories and interior design items made in Italy from eco-cellulose fibres.

Quppa provides a solution for the billion disposable cups that end on landfills every year. Quppa’ users always have a reusable cup available at their favorite coffee bar. When they want to get a coffee, they don’t have to think about…

Natural Bamboo Drinking Straws Supplier

Sipeco supplies bamboo drinking straws worldwide for professional and personal use as a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic straws, all natural and reusable.

Green Living & Zero Waste Ambassador

Bambúnut is a zero-waste brand and movement supporting a healthier and more conscious way of living, both for people and our planet. Our 100% organic & natural COCONUT & BAMBOO products are created by nature and crafted by hand.

An elegant line of biodegradable and compostable disposable tableware, suitable for any type of use, thanks to their efficiency and versatility. Think Green plates are made of sugar cane fiber, an ecological, low environmental impact and completely…

Manufacturer of natural straws

Marina was turned off by the way many sustainability brands relied on fear and guilt to motivate their customers to care about the environment. She knew there was a better, more approachable way to get people excited about buying sustainable goods.…

Circular economy for food packaging

Fruor is not a simple packaging. Fruor is the Anti Pack-Aging!We believe that keeping on producing different products with the same consumer purposes cannot be a solution, whether they are recyclable or compostable. We aim at destroying the concept…

Evlogia Eco Care is a Bangalore based startup that presents with eco-friendly and healthy innovations, meant for daily use, by common people. We believe that the environment is simply not something we have inherited from our ancestors but something…

Eco-Friendly Food Wrap Producer

beeopak is an organic cotton fabric soaked with a 100% natural blend of organic beeswax, organic Piedmontese IGP hazelnut oil and pine resin. Our precious blend keeps food fresh, and makes the fabric washable and reusable for more than one year…