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Organic waste composting plant with renewable energy production

AGRIENERGIA SPA is a company active in the Green Economy and deals with the treatment of the organic matrix through a process of energy and material recovery.

Lombrumus is a company that deals with the production of vermicompost from manure, a 100% natural fertilizer. The company is founded on the principles of biodiversity, with the aim of directing people to sustainable and natural agriculture.

We are currently running a seed bank, storing and exchanging vegetable seed variety from Sicily and the world. We are a no profit group inspired by the idea that seed should be free to share and ‘independent’ from human care, hence the…

Diatomaceous importers and producers of Diatomaceous in concentrated suspension

BIOYVY srls was born from the passion of two brothers for a modern agriculture with low environmental impact. Curious and innovative, with their ethical and eco-sustainable agro business project they make the Diatomaceous known in Italy.