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Tailoring workshops in prison

Made in Carcere was founded 15 years ago to promote environmental sustainability and social inclusion. It is a 100% green social brand.

We believe things have a soul and objects can change their use in years, this is the reason why we started this project of circular economy. We transform, all kind of glass bottles and we give them a second life.

Blue of a Kind is a high-end Italian fashion studio with focus on SUSTAINABILITY. We work with “everything existing”: we make clothes exclusively from existing garments and leftover textile.Nothing has been made specifically for our products.

Organic waste composting plant with renewable energy production

AGRIENERGIA SPA is a company active in the Green Economy and deals with the treatment of the organic matrix through a process of energy and material recovery.

Company specialized in trade of plastic waste material

Soluzioni Plastiche S.r.l. is placed in a world where plastic has become an unavoidable resource for everyday life but there is still so much inability to manage it 100% in post-consumption and in post-industrial in an ethical and sustainable way.

Environmental Services

TerraCycle is an award-winning, innovative company operating in 20+ countries globally, with a mission to Eliminate the Idea of Waste®.

Sustainable design brand

Mon Terra is an ecologically-committed brand addressing the issue of plastic waste. At Mon Terra, we design our own products from locally-recycled plastic waste produced by the gardening field. We collect the plastic, then clean, shred, and…

Valorization of Used Cooking Oils

With REWOW we change the fate of Used Cooking Oils (UCO). UCO are extremely dangerous for the environment if not collected properly. In fact, if they end up in water sources, only 1 liter may contaminate up to 1 million liter of water.

Laboratorio Linfa is an artisan company that designs and produces design furniture, fittings, installations and art objects, using used wood and therefore not cutting down even a tree.

Sustainable solutions for plastics

Our activity focuses in particular on the regeneration of thermoplastics and complex polymers, in order to guarantee supervision on the life cycle of each material and promote virtuous circular economy arrangements, in order to reduce the…