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Vegetarian restaurant with vegan options

We have always thought that the onion, celery or radish were secondary actors while here they become the real stars of a careful and refined diet. Erbavoglio was born from the care, passion and sensitivity towards vegetables. Ours is a project but…

Vegan food cook / research & development

I encourage people to eat vegan by developing plant based products that include any intolerance and religion regime, products that omnivores usually find delicious and often mistake for original animal based version.

Healthy, vegan and vegetarian restaurant and café

Zazie it the place you want to be. We sell drinks and foods, everything is vegetarian or vegan, and comes from local markets. Fruits and veggies are local and seasonable, to be even more sustainable.

Poggio ai Santi is an agricultural company that wants to be a model of sustainable development. Organic since 1995, the farm produces, in addition to olive oil, vegetables for its restaurant. Its greenhouses allow to complete the production and to…

Giulia Pieri deals with training and dissemination in the field of fermented foods and in recent years has specialized in probiotic cuisine. It organizes and holds courses on the fermentation of foods throughout Italy, spreading this ancient art…

Healthy and Plant-Based Cuisine

GOOD IN SO MANY WAYS… What we eat isn’t just about food, it’s a way of life. GOOD FOR THE BODY Our cuisine is plant-based; we choose seasonal ingredients; we respect biodiversity and we care about variety. Our dishes aren’t just beautiful,…