“Id.Eight” the sneakers made with fruit peels, whose packaging contains a bomb of seeds ready to be planted and spread biodiversity

“Id.Eight” the sneakers made with fruit peels, whose packaging contains a bomb of seeds ready to be planted and spread biodiversity

The sneakers are produced in Italy and are made with materials deriving from the transformation of fruit waste, from apple peels to pineapple leaves to marc (grape stalks and skins).

The ID.EIGHT are in fact a line of sustainable sneakers, whose name is inspired by the number eight, the number of circularity and infinity.

The company behind this particular product was born in 2019 on the initiative of South Korean stylist Dong Seon Lee and product manager Giuliana Borzillo, a creative duo in life and work.

“The formula is to combine the technology of circular innovation with the historic local manufactories, to give life to a casual and genderless design, with references to the colors and aesthetics of the 90s”, explain the founders of Id.Eight, who continue: “After years of training and experience in the world of footwear, aware of the environmental problems that afflict the sector, we have decided to trace a path of positive change in the world of Italian fashion, designing a startup that, with a revolutionary approach, tackles the waste of resources, extremely common sore point, ”they concluded.

Shoes with a refined design that are made from scraps, which are resurrected in the form of materials with surprising textures and finishes, generating a new life cycle. To these are added the use of recycled and organic Gots cotton for the inner lining, recycled polyester for the lycra inserts and mesh for the laces.

The very structure of the collection follows the principles of the slow fashion movement: a single line designed for men and women, without seasonality, unattached from banal production logics and frenzied rhythms, free to evolve following the creative flair and the constant search for new developments in the sustainable textile sector.

Hana and Duri, from Korean one (1) and two (2), are the names of the models that compose it, the first with a runner sole, gritty and sporty, the second with a cassette sole, to combine with the urban style.

The packaging of the product also wants to demonstrate once again that fashion can become a powerful collective practice, capable of spreading virtuous and conscious behaviors in everyday life. In fact, inside each box of recycled paper, there is a seed bomb, to be planted on the terrace, in the garden or in a bare area of ​​the city, to attract bees and contribute to the growth of biodiversity.

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