Ikea will start selling renewable energy

Ikea will start selling renewable energy

by Carla Andrea Fundarotto

The Swedish company Ikea is increasingly turning to renewable energy

The new offer of the Swedish giant called STRÖMMA, a subscription to clean electricity, starts with this objective.

The company that revolutionized the furniture market has in fact decided to offer its customers clean energy through Ingka Group, a company that owns most of the properties where Ikea stores around the world are based.

The project will start in September from Sweden. If the test works, it will see it expand into the international market.

Ikea, with this new initiative, wants to build a large renewable energy movement, collaborating with suppliers, industry colleagues and partners worldwide to contribute to the urgent fight against climate change, said Jonas Carlehed, head of sustainability at Ikea. Sweden.

How Ikea’s business plan will work

Ikea’s partner, Ingka Svea Solar, a producer of solar panels, will buy green electricity on the Nordic Nord Pool exchange and sell it at no extra cost to the families that join the project. To receive the service, users will pay a fixed monthly fee, a sort of fee, with the addition of a variable rate that depends on the fluctuations in the cost of energy.

The renewable energy chosen by Ikea will come from solar and wind farms.

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