In France, stop of animals in the circus and a ban on the sale of dogs and cats in shops

In France, stop of animals in the circus and a ban on the sale of dogs and cats in shops

by Carla Andrea Fundarotto

France has decided to take action to improve animal welfare, with a bill that will cover wild and domestic animals. Among the novelties, the ban on selling puppies in shops and involving wild animals in circus shows.

The measure also provides for a ban on the keeping of cetaceans in dolphinaria within the next 5 years and on the breeding of American mink and other species for the production of fur.

But there’s more: the new bill will also deal with pets by banning the sale of puppies of dogs and cats in stores by 2024 and expanding controls also online, to combat illegal animal trafficking.

A decision that comes after the creation of the Animal Protection Observatory and the allocation of 15 million euros to support 300 existing shelters in the country.

The new bill will also affect animals on farms, including the ban on killing male chicks, which will come into effect from January. Following this measure, the government will also put an end to the castration of live pigs. A new figure will also be set up: a contact person for “animal welfare” who will have to be appointed in each farm starting from January 1, 2022, in order to monitor effective compliance with the rules.

What are the main measures of the bill?

  1. Ban on the sale of puppies of dogs and cats in pet stores from January 1, 2024 and ban on display of animals in shop windows.
  2. Supervision of online pet sales.
  3. Establishment of a certificate of knowledge before acquiring a pet, which will mention the specific needs of the animal to avoid the purchase on a whim.
  4. Increased penalties applicable in case of serious abuse and acts of cruelty towards an animal and in case of abandonment.
  5. End of commercial exploitation of wild species.
  6. Prohibition of keeping cetaceans in dolphinaria.
  7. Prohibition of breeding American mink and other animals bred exclusively for fur production.
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