In the world we return to the streets with the Fridays for Future

In the world we return to the streets with the Fridays for Future

by Carla Andrea Fundarotto

Today, Friday, September 24, Fridays for Future are back in the streets for the Global Climate Strike, to call for swift climate action from world leaders.

“2021 is expected to be the year with the highest CO2 emissions ever” said the global environmental associations that today have returned to parade in the squares. And so after two years of pause, due to the Coronavirus emergency, activists have returned to protest in compliance with the health measures to contain the pandemic.

Where did it all start?

The organization of the movement began in 2018 with Greta Thunberg‘s Friday strikes in front of the Swedish Parliament to protest the absence of concrete policies to stop climate collapse. From there, his slogan Fridays For Future has attracted worldwide attention. Since then, millions of boys and girls around the world have joined her in demonstrating and presenting proposals and demanding actions to prevent global warming and climate change.

The proposals

The demonstrators are trying to raise awareness on the issue of global warming and solicit compliance with the commitments made with the Paris Agreement in anticipation of the United Nations World Climate Conference (COP26), scheduled for early November in Glasgow. For the first time, the UK will host the 26th United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP26) at the Scottish Exhibition Center.

The climate negotiations will constitute the largest international summit the UK has ever hosted. They will bring together over 30,000 delegates including heads of state, climate experts and activists, to agree on a coordinated action plan to tackle climate change, wishing us more courageous action, given the poor results achieved to date.

Discover the Friends for the Earth in evidence:

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