It also cleans the air as it travels on hydrogen: Mirai the new Toyota car whose name in Japanese means “future”

It also cleans the air as it travels on hydrogen: Mirai the new Toyota car whose name in Japanese means “future”

di Carla Andrea Fundarotto

It’s called “ Mirai ” and it’s the new born in Toyota . A hydrogen car that also cleans the air as it moves. Strange to say, but this is possible thanks to a catalyst filter incorporated in the air intake: while the latter is drawn into the vehicle to power the fuel cell, an electric charge on the non-woven filter element captures microscopic particles of pollutants, including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter pm 2,5; the system is effective in removing 90 to 100 percent of particles between 0 and 2.5 microns in diameter from the air as it passes through the fuel cell system.

Hydrogen has enormous potential for development in both the energy and transport fields and is also an efficient means of storing renewable energy to be transported where it is needed. In short, it is destined to play a central role in the future of energy and mobility. Its use is a direction in which the European Union is heading. Until 2024, in fact, Brussels will support the installation of at least six gigawatts of renewable hydrogen electrolysers.

And it is no coincidence that in Japanese the word ” Mirai ” means ” future “. The hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle is the culmination of a technological development initiated by the Japanese company in 1992. Its environmental impact is below zero. It is built on Toyota’s modular GA-L platform. It also has a third additional hydrogen tank, which allows you to increase the driving range by 30 percent up to about 650 kilometers, always emitting only pure water: in short, an autonomy that allows you to tackle even long journeys.


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