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We are a small family business, recently born, with innovative and traditional ideas that look to the future, trying in any way to respect our planet.

We grow wheat (transforming it into flour, pasta and biscuits), legumes, saffron and exotic fruits yet to be discovered (motivated by the ongoing climate change). All our crops are free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, we cultivate with the Natural method. We raise pigs and chickens, trying to make them live better, respecting them and letting their ethology vent. We are also beekeepers, because bees in addition to the excellent product they provide us, we know that they are very important animals to save and protect. Our work before being farmers was something else. Agriculture came to mind from an idea that we sought and wanted to put into practice. Now our work is entirely part of our life. We are surrounded by natural beauties, animals and plants, which must be protected and defended, for this reason we see ourselves not only as farmers, but as custodian farmers, who try to protect in their own small way and “in our own way” the wonders of this tiny slice of Earth.