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With today’s fast fashion and over-consumption the search for meaning has become central. Our challenge is a more responsible and sustainable change in fashion.

Aatise stands for a better fashion: promote french craftsmanship and a more sustainable way to produce and consume clothes in order to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our planet.

We offer customizable clothes, made on demand and in limited editions in favour of zero waste, without stock or surplus, in eco-friendly materials. Every creation is made for someone, so we don’t produce for nothing.

Our ecological fabrics are:

Locally grown linen (in France), so our t-shirts are 100% compostable at the end of their life (because sewing is done with cotton thread).
We also use Lyocell – TM and recycled cotton from Lenzing in Austria to produce our Ecofriendly and recycled trousers.
Dresses are made from EcoVero – TM and the print is Ökotex certified. We also start to use linen for our personalized dresses.

Don’t wait to change the world with us 🙂