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c.da Giannavì / chiappa Palazzolo Acreide

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The Carpino company was born in 1971, in the Chiappa district, in the heart of the Iblei Mountains, in Palazzolo Acreide (UNESCO World Heritage City), and covers 100 hectares with over 2500 ancient olive trees at an altitude of around 450 / 500 meters above sea level. The olive trees of the Chiappa district have spanned the centuries defying wars, intensive agriculture and abandonment, in the olive, cereal and zootechnical fields (from which manure is obtained for the organic fertilization of olive groves).

Carpino is a company that, engaged in the production of extra virgin olive oil with superb and inimitable characteristics, operates according to tradition: by hand picking olives in October, and then leading them in the delicate pressing in the family oil mill that takes place on the same day of the collection, to finish the process of processing the product in storage in controlled environments, until the subsequent bottling with a semi-automatic line. Every detail of the production is taken care of by implementing the most modern control techniques, with an oil taster that ensures organoleptic control, without the use of agrochemicals and according to organic cultivation following the provisions of REG CE 831/2007. Since 2011 Carpino has also been a DOP brand.