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Agricola Samadhi has been environmentally aware, care-full and graceful towards Mother Earth since its origin. We adopt a ‘no impact’ lifestyle in our daily activities, and avoid single dose plastic items and bottles.

  • Energy
    Since 2011 the Agritourism is totally solar powered: we produce our own hot water with solar panels and we produce our own electricity with photovoltaic panels.
  • Agriculture
    We are a certified organic agritourism, certified by ICEA. This means that we do not put pesticides and herbicides in the soil or in the air.
  • Food
    What we cultivate, produce and pick goes from the fields directly to our kitchen: seasonal vegetables and fruit.
    What we do not produce directly, where and when possible, we buy from local organic producers.
    Our restaurant is certified vegan.
  • Waste
    Left overs become organic waste that we use, when ready, as fertilizer in agriculture.
  • Fair Work
    Agricola Samadhi has a team of 15 workers.
    The crew includes many middle aged woman from this area called Grecia Salentina (the most disadvantaged of Puglia), young men from Sub-Saharan Africa, a refugee couple from Aleppo in Sirya.
    By choosing our location you will support all of this.