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We take care of our beloved estate respecting the nature and the beauty of this piece of paradise at the foot of the Mount Etna.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil derives from the native variety “Nocellara dell’Etna” initially known as table olive, today it is very successful for the peculiarities of its oil.

  • The olive grove: For a low level of acidity the key factor is the ripening stage of the fruit. Once again the Etneo microclimate represents an enormous natural advantage for the crop. The veraison, the color change of the fruit from green to black, takes place not before November, when the temperatures are now decidedly low and the technological quality of the olives is very high. Only then do we start the harvest, which takes place manually and with the support of shaker machines.
    Pressing: The olives are immediately transported to the mill for milling, the extraction process is a continuous cycle and takes place at a temperature below 27 ° C. Subsequently, the oil is stored in steel tanks, the solid particles are eliminated by virtue of periodic decanting and by simple natural decantation. The aromatic peculiarities of the fruit and of the territory are returned unaltered to the oil.
  • The Vineyard: In 1968 Giuseppe and Antonio Fisauli decided to plant “Nerello Mascalese” at the foot of the “Rocca Pizzicata” an ancient Greek garrison that knew viticulture as early as the VII century BC. Our vineyard exploits the particular mountainous microclimate of the North-Etna, characterized by a very strong thermal excursion between day and night, all this involves a slower ripening, a development of the varietal aroma and in general an increase in quality. The natural balance created between the vineyard and the surrounding environment means that the interventions in the field are minimal, strictly connected to the pruning and mechanical containment of weeds. We do not use pesticides or synthetic chemicals because we have the continuous support of nature.