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Agrienergia Spa is a company active in the Green Economy and deals with the treatment of the organic matrix through a process of energy and material recovery.

The output product is a quality compost that can be used in agriculture, including organic, and is an excellent soil conditioner.
The Recovery of the organic waste treated is higher than 90% and the remainder is attributable to an incorrect separate collection of citizens, since it consists of impurities such as plastic. The non-organic waste material is also sent to energy or material recovery, with a final recycling process close to 100%.

The use of compost in agriculture is an “ecological” practice, using materials from the recovery under controlled conditions of selected organic matrices, otherwise destined for disposal in landfills. Furthermore, compost has a high content of stabilized organic substance which, when distributed on the soil, has two important effects:

  • it is a general improvement of the chemical-physical characteristics of the soil, which is therefore protected from erosion phenomena;
  • it is a progressive accumulation of carbon in the soil, which thus assumes a carbon storage function (carbon sink), contributing to the fight against the greenhouse effect.

Compost, then, by improving the fertility of the soil, can be used to integrate or replace chemical fertilization, the reduction of which can have important environmental and economic effects.