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The practices I carry out to live greener and a sustainable lifestyle are many, in addition to the classic tips dispensed from childhood on how to do good for the planet earth (turn off the lights / water closed when brushing your teeth) engage in an even more active way.

When I can (I’m a student and I still live with my parents) I shop in the bulk shop near the house, at the supermarket I prefer bio and plastic / waste free products, I use public transport and my legs, I buy second-hand clothes or by artisans to support realities that are different from the big fast fashion houses, I grow spices and some vegetables on the balcony, I buy the rest of the fruit and vegetables from a farmer at zero km, I fill the water bottle and glass bottles directly from the dispensers of water close to the minimum my personal consumption of bottled water, I try to prefer a dietary style based on plant-based, the few beauty products I use are solid and 100% vegan and I try to follow the 5R rule (refuses , reuse, reduce, recycle, rot) paying particular attention to the first two items. Lastly, I share my daily commitment on the social network instagram so that I can also be a point of reference for other people interested in what lifestyle, finally I am also moderator of the Facebook group of the Zero Waste Network, an Italian reality that fights every day to disseminate tips on sustainable lifestyle.