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My Company, Medicinal Organic Cannabis is a vertically integrated cannabis company and we work with the ‘Seed to Sale’ approach. We are involved in all aspects of the supply chain, and this allows us to ensure that our manufacturing meets our standards and vision.

Fundamental to our business model is the three P’s – People, Planet & Profit. We can this the ‘Triple Bottom line’ and consider it the ethical measure of businesses. Our Business investment principle determines the impact on the environment, the social perspective, and our corporate governance.
Cannabis heals! Medicinal Organic Cannabis believes that planting with appropriate organic practices will heal the soil and the earth and thus in turn, will heal its populace.
It is for this reason that we control the process from soil preparation to genetic selection to cultivation and harvest to manufacturing and wholesale.

At Medicinal Organic Cannabis, we believe that sustainability is the future and with our unique mix of experience and skills, our sustainable management team of professionals can build some of the most prosperous triple bottom line companies in the world. Companies with a proven record of accomplishment in environmental and social responsibility.
Our triple bottom line accounting expands the traditional reporting framework to take into account social and environmental performance in addition to financial performance.