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I am a 62-year-old agronomist and I have been dealing with the Environment since the first professional activities that I was lucky enough to start with the collaboration and guidance of Giuseppe Barbera with whom, in 1986, I participated in the design of the Madonie Park. 

Since then I have mainly dealt with protected areas, still convinced, although very disappointed, that they could represent a fantastic opportunity to affirm a “new” development model based on a different relationship with the natural environment and, after the affirmation of the concept of sustainable development, the ideal laboratory to affirm its principles.
After the Madonie I worked for the Alcantara Park and dozens of Protected Areas and more recently I collaborated with the Municipality of Pantelleria for the establishment of the National Park of which I took care of the perimeter and transitory discipline and with whose newly established body I took care of the delicate start-up phase.
Specifically for Sustainable Development, after the Rio Summit, I committed myself to the dissemination of the principles of sustainability and the launch of various Agendas, 21 local, including those of the Madonie Park, Alcantara, the Environmental Crisis Area of Gela, etc.