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Aquasan srl is a 100% Italian company that has been producing ecological and sustainable water filters since 1970 as a valid alternative to plastic bottles for drinking and cooking.

Our strength and love for the planet has been realized thanks to the exclusive Aquasan patent in 999 silver against bacterial proliferation and to the activated vegetable carbon extracted from the coconut, which together allow to filter microplastics and the various pollutants released by the old pipes, enjoying of the good water that the net offers us.
All products are designed, created and produced in Italy with a short supply chain (the longest stretch occurs between Piedmont and Lombardy) and ethically sustainable. Furthermore, for several years, the filters have enjoyed the approval of the Ministry of Health and comply with DM 174.
Our commitment to the environment and, in general, to our CSR has always been very active. We have two projects in the Amazon for the protection of the forest and its “guardians”. We are constantly looking for green innovation, ranking first in the separation of the cartridge for correct ecological disposal. Each choice is strongly geared towards a future free from single-use plastics, the one to which we should aspire every day.