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We are a group of friends who came together in association to follow a dream, born from an idea of ​​Maria Teresa, who has always been a lover of nature and animals, in particular donkeys and horses and supported by the precious support of numerous friends.

The idea pursued was to create a nature park in a beautiful area, which needed a great recovery work, where the colors of the sea and the sky come together. Everyone has brought all his experience and his work in order to realize the shared project, obtaining notable results to date.

The protagonists of the park, however, are not the creators, but the animals: donkeys and horses, arrived from various places in Italy, with which to date a very precious friendship and work relationship has developed. Animals love the presence of Mariateresa and all the friends who work with her in the park and they love the presence of guests more than anything else.

All the proposals revolve around them: saddle baptisms, riding lessons and horseback riding, meetings and socializing with donkeys for children, slow trekking with donkeys and a new project of education in nature for children of infancy and schools elementary. All this to share with them the values ​​of respect for the environment and for animals. Our activities, in addition to being recreational and sporting, are also therapeutic. We also deal with IAA (animal assisted interventions).