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Sustainable Laboratory was born from the desire to research and study all the links existing between the planet and the individuals who inhabit it.

Through SosteniBlog and our social channels we want to contribute to the creation of an aware and actively responsible community, informed of all issues related to the concepts of sustainable development, intersectional environmentalism and human rights.
The association wants to develop an interest in more sustainable models of life and facilitate the approach to an informed use of everyday goods, with ethical, economic and ecological arguments. We decided to do this by creating a line of products with a reduced environmental impact and made with raw materials that comply with recognized standards.
Sustainable Laboratory, in addition to wanting to increase a sense of active responsibility on the part of the citizen, wants to be a center for sharing experiences and opinions and opens up to the possibility of providing courses and training in the tailoring field with the possibility of becoming a recovery center of reusable textile materials.