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We strive to be as sustainable as possible across all the supply chain.

For instance, for sourcing, we only use already available materials and we often source from excess stock from the European and (occasionally) Japanese market. For size tags attached to our pieces, we use a small Italian producer. For our packaging we use recyclable or reusable materials – tags are from recycled paper, strings are from cotton, the outer packaging is reusable, and, in the warehouse in Hamburg, our goods are stored in recycled bags. We do not overproduce and support the “less & better” approach to apparel production and purchasing.

We are committed to making every piece as ethically and environmentally as possible, and preserving specialist skills that have been passed down through generations.

We avoid certain markets known for the abuse of child labor rights, female or workers rights. All our products we are strictly handmade, paying more attention to the quality of pieces and comfort of people that work with us. Designed by women for women, we are using sustainable materials at every opportunity and our selection is based on factors such as whether the fabric can last a lifetime.

We are ensuring transparency by working in partnership with small, specialist ateliers, in this way we ensure that labour standards throughout the making process are high.