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With the Awen Tree House of our Holiday Home we aim for green tourist hospitality.

The house is built in FSC wood and according to the criteria of green building; the thermo-acoustic insulation is made of hemp fiber, a natural material refractory to mold and insects that guarantees healthier environments; it is fire resistant; it is light, totally recyclable and biodegradable but it is above all a carbon negative” material  that synthesizes carbon by reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by reducing polluting emissions.

I believe in the powerful energy of Nature and its representations: the passage of a wild animal that unexpectedly surprises, a nest among the branches of the surrounding trees, the light flight of the Gray Heron that stops at the pond, the scops owl and the barn owl that also stand out in the dark. Sensations and emotions that only nature is able to offer . The added value of this proposal is, in fact, represented by the trees. The tree is an image of strength, its roots are firmly rooted in the ground, its trunk retains all its years and its foliage is a greeting to heaven. Trees are life, they house animals, they supply oxygen, they absorb greenhouse gases; sleeping among the trees is like sleeping wrapped in an embrace of life. This is the inspiration we try to offer our guests, the connection with Nature.