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Beeopak is an organic cotton fabric soaked with a 100% natural blend of organic beeswax, organic Piedmontese IGP hazelnut oil and pine resin.

Our precious blend keeps food fresh, and makes the fabric washable and reusable for more than one year without losing its characteristics. Beeopak is ideal for storing many types of food: from bread to cheeses, from fruit and vegetables to dough for leavening. Our “plastic free” food wrap keep food fresh for a long time and avoids food waste thanks to the antibacterial and breathable properties of beeswax and the quality of materials we use.
Beeopak helps to cut the use of all single use food storage since it can also be used to create useful little bags to bring food to school, to the office, to a picnic and so on. And it goes into the freezer as well!

Beeopak stands out for the quality of its materials and the attention to details:

  • It went through a long series of testing.
  • Our organic cotton is spun in Piedmont with a texture developed specifically for beeopak to absorb a good amount of blend.
  • We only use certified organic wax coming from local Piedmontese beekeepers who put the good and respect of bees and the environment first.
  • We create exclusive designs to bring elegance to households.

By using beeopak we can all make our contribution to protect the planet and support the local community because beeopak is multipurpose, eco-friendly, washable, reusable more than one year, and locally sourced.