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Bellezza Etica is an Italian cosmetic company founded by Biologists Cosmetologists who are experts in Organic Skin Care whose mission is to bring positive change to the world.

The products we have decided to offer you are carefully chosen, they are not just cosmetics, they preserve the history of those who created them and are a message of sustainability and respect for nature and man’s work.
The products are 100% Natural, Vegan, Waterless, Zero Waste, Cruelty Free.
One thing is very important about our line, the fact that they are waterless or waterlow cosmetics.

Waterless Means…

  • Water free formula, in this way it is possible to preserve a precious resource
  • More concentrated product, when water disappears from the ingredient list, it means you need to use oils to replace it. These are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that penetrate the skin to repair, hydrate and revitalize it.
  • Without preservatives because the microorganisms live only in the presence of water, without it it is not necessary to preserve the product.
  • Absence of plastic bottles, a product that does not contain water does not need plastic containers and this is how we can offer Plastic Free products.
  • Lower volumes of transport and CO2 emissions, because removing the water from the products drastically reduces their volume and all this will translate into saving fuel for transport and reducing CO2 emissions.