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BeNatural’s commitment is to take care of people and the planet that hosts us, always choosing the best for both. The growing interest in the environment has led us to seek an approach capable of respecting it.

For this, our products have no over-packaging and all information is written on top of the product, in order to avoid further waste. Furthermore, BeNatural products are handmade and support a Made in Italy artisan supply chain.
Finally, all the raw materials used in BeNatural products are all of vegetable origin: in addition to the essential ingredients for the preservation and safety of the products, our list of ingredients is composed only of the best essential oils, selected for their beneficial and aromatic properties.

Respiro’s packaging is currently in glass, while CleanAir PET is 100% recyclable. Being BeNatural a startup, we are committed to improving every day and trying to go in an increasingly sustainable direction also in terms of materials. For our instructions for use and business cards we also use plantable paper from Growing Paper Italia, which is completely compostable and reduces paper waste to zero.