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Fresh, good and organic fruit and vegetables. A line of products designed to guarantee a tasty and balanced meal. Two special ingredients: healthy fruit and vegetables at km0 and respect for nature.

This is the added value of a young company but with firm and deep roots in tradition, which has made the idea of ​​combining quality and goodness its mission. Biofavole carefully chooses and selects the raw materials to obtain genuine and safe products, without preservatives, without dyes and without additives, from puree without added sugar to fruit juices, from vegetable soups to tomato purees as good and creamy as those made at home. An authentic and genuine goodness, which tastes of fruit and love. Biofavole has chosen to be on the side of Nature and mothers who are looking for healthy food for their children, combining the tradition of “homemade as it once was” with the needs of today’s mothers. Biofavole presents itself to everyone as an artisan reality, as far away from the industrial processing of fruit and vegetables as it is close to an idea of ​​high quality, the main feature of a truly organic product, from the production of the raw material to its processing.
With organic fairy tales, the frenetic rhythms of the third millennium go hand in hand with those marked by Nature: a true triumph of taste and health, which brings the magic of fairy tales to the table.