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Biologica Stellino is a young, dynamic company, a lover of peasant traditions, which wants to convey its passion for wine, producing it, telling it and making it taste;

“Wine is the last act” for us that in a glass of wine we do not feel only fruity aromas, spicy flavor or soft tannins, it is not only this, but it is also the combination of careful work, the taste of the earth and the sweat of sacrifices.
The company covers more than 20 hectares, founded in the early 1900s where the main cultivation was the wine vine, the chosen varieties are indigenous, which were the vines grown once, the catarratto is the main variety, and precisely the C. lucid phenotype, flanked by the common white catarratto, inzolia and nero d’avola. In the company, nothing is done by chance and the choice of only native varieties has simplified organic cultivation, which has become our choice of life over time, without neglecting quality.
From 2016 it was decided to transform part of the grapes, obtaining 3 labels Chianu, Crita and TrediDue, all wines obtained from organic grapes and vinified in purity.