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BIOYVY srls was born from the passion of two brothers for a modern agriculture with low environmental impact. Curious and innovative, with their ethical and eco-sustainable agro business project they make the Diatomaceous known in Italy.

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Diatomaceous is a completely natural land, consisting of fossil microalgae and volcanic ash. The combination of natural silica, the general structure of the diatom particles and the network of holes in its structure are responsible for the innumerable properties of this multifunctional mineral product.

The silicon dioxide favors the strengthening of the leaves and stems, moreover its composition, including mineral elements of primary importance, helps nourish and strengthen the plant. Furthermore, the silica dust carries out a mechanical action (physical barrier) and, thanks to its hygroscopic characteristics, it can act as a dehydrator, drying the external part of the plants and thus reducing the risks of proliferation and development of parasites. The accumulation of silicon in the tissues of the epidermis in polymeric, organic and crystalline form, allows to protect and fortify the mechanics and biochemistry of plant tissues, also increases the plant’s resistance to salinity and relieves the stress caused by it. Thanks to the type of product,

Our Diatomaceous with its high content of organogenic silica and above all with Crysil SC containing ortho silicic acid, available for absorption by the foliar apparatus, is truly the basis of the new agriculture, be it organic, biodynamic or synergistic agriculture.

In its commercial form there are Crysil PD (Diatom powder) and Crysil SC (Diatom in concentrated suspension)