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Cascina Bosco Fornasara is a family organic farm based in Nicorvo, in Lomellina, a land devoted for centuries to the cultivation of rice.

Roberto Marinone, together with his wife Ilena, decided to convert the entire company to organic farming in 2016, focusing attention on restoring the balance between nature and culture, with the aim of recreating a healthy environment in which rice and other crops could grow together with trees, hedges and grasses. The company was awarded in 2018 for its commitment to safeguarding biodiversity and for the good agricultural practices implemented. It is a project that goes beyond organic, taking inspiration from permaculture, agroecology and natural agriculture of Fukuoka and which has as its main objective that of returning to the earth the life that had been taken from it by years of chemicals and cultivation intensive.
Ancient varieties of rice are mainly grown (Carnaroli and Rosa Marchetti), which are sown in rotation with millet, legumes and in synergy with wild herbs, hedges and trees. We do not use fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides of any kind, nor purification sludge.
Organic products do not undergo treatments even during processing, which takes place in an artisanal way, nor during storage and packaging.