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I graduated in engineering for the environment and the territory at the University of Palermo in 2009. During the two-year specialist I also attended a semester at the University of Aalborg in Denmark as part of the Erasmus program. After participating in the “Palermo Differenzia” project, aimed at activating the door-to-door separate waste collection service in some districts of the city, I was somehow forced to move abroad for professional reasons. Nurturing a strong interest in the renewable energy sector, I started my career at the Energy Competence Center, in Berlin, where, during the 8 years of collaboration, I had the opportunity to contribute to the development of more than 500 MW of wind farms in different areas of the planet (Philippines, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Georgia, Romania). For almost a year I have been collaborating with the company WKN Gmbh, in Hamburg, and I deal with the development of photovoltaic systems mainly for the Italian market.

During the lockdown I developed the idea for the creation of a small consulting start-up for the sustainable organization of events. In my small way, having the good fortune of living between two large German cities, I feel I have an advantage in the adoption of eco-sustainable habits. First of all, the use of public transport or the bicycle for any type of movement. Secondly, the separate collection and in general the reuse / recycling of materials. In addition to reducing consumption, in general, I try to direct my purchases towards producers and products that implement sustainable environmental practices both from an ethical and an environmental point of view. For the rest I always try to participate in awareness campaigns regarding environmental protection and sustainability.