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Supported by Coldiretti and Campagna Amica, ClemenTime is an innovative and unique project of its kind. Produced in Calabria, it is the first Clementina snack, designed specifically for a vending machine or a sales point that wants to accelerate innovation in the avancasse or in the fruit and vegetables department. Each package can contain two or three quality fruits, natural, whole and peeled. The Italian excellence and the certified originality of Clementine will reach anyone who believes in healthy and balanced nutrition in a widespread and functional way, which meets the expectations and needs of those who want to combine work or study time with time dedicated to personal well-being. With ClemenTime, a break or a snack will turn into a moment of health, vitality and freshness, at any moment.

The fruits, which come from a seventy hectare citrus grove, are in fact collected and packaged without undergoing any processing, thus maintaining their organoleptic properties unaltered. In addition, wild herbs, which grow around citrus trees, are eliminated with the natural method of chopping, thus protecting insects so precious for the ecosystem. ClemenTime arrives directly from the tree to the consumer, in a package made with recycled paper cardboard.