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Coffeefrom is an innovative material composed of biopolymers and recycled coffee grounds, 100% made in Italy. Spin off of Il Giardinone Cooperativa Sociale, the project begins to give life to a new vision of industrial coffee waste.

With the close collaboration of the Politecnico di Milano and companies in the bioplastic supply chain, we have created a new zero-waste and bio-based alternative, with infinite expressive possibilities. Our goal is to realize the principles of Extended Producer Responsibility, studying the potential of used coffee and imagining new customized design solutions. Our first product is the set of coffee cup and saucer made of coffee, in homage to the art of tasting Italian espresso, the result of an in-depth design study. From storage to compounding, we want to guarantee the highest quality and control of the by-product recovery and transformation chain. Furthermore, we constantly study and experiment with new possible recipes, to make Coffeefrom increasingly sustainable and performing.